lundi 15 octobre 2012

Chamber furnace 1400°C

Chamber furnace 1400°C 

Chamber furnaces 1400 °C

Product Description

Definition: Electric chamber furnace for all applications, high temperature.
Construction: Robust construction in bent plate. Vertical lifting front door.
Insulation: Multilayer insulation. Interior in ceramic fibre and refractory bricks.
Heating: Silicone carbide heating elements . The heating is turned off at the opening of the door.
Electricity: 9 liters and less, single-phase 230VAC, 50Hz. From 15 litres, 3 x 400VAC.
Regulation: Axron Swiss PID temperature controller.
Documentation: Certification CE and operating instructions in English.
Delivered with: Removable ceramic sole.


Axron Swiss Temperature Programmer.
Over temperature protection.
Additional metal or ceramic sole.
Additional set of heating elements.
Extended warranty.

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